Sunday, February 17, 2013

After A Family Meeting At Our New Shop (Fleur De Lis - Home Source In St. Charles) We Stopped At Thrifts And Picked Up A Few Smalls. Status: Some For Me Some For You!


There wasn't much to be had late in the day at the St. Chuck thrifts but I did manage to grab up a few choice items at the Salvation Army store.  I gotta start getting up earlier.  I have a feeling I'm missing some of the good stuff getting to the shops so late!


No worries though.  I still manage to find some nice things when I Finally get around to checking my

traps.  Today I found this set of six "Rocks" Silver Foliage glasses by Libbey.  Two of them have some

missing silver and that's ok, it makes for an even set of four really nice ones.  I've grown quite a nice

collection of my Silver Foliage glassware.


Retro stuff does good in the booth down at The Green Shag Market so I picked up this nice goblet

style planter to tag up and drop off there. It's got a nice subtle finish that's sorta rough and smooth at

the same time.  There are lateral lines and sort of speckled bumps all over.  No maker mark on the

bottom though.


These candle sconces are destined for the shop in St. Charles.  They are metal and not plastic like most

of these that I've found lately.  I was kinda thinking about painting them but maybe I'll give leaving them

in gold a chance first.  It might be cool to put a small patch of interesting fabric in the open space too.  I

might let the Mom-tomic take charge of these.

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