Thursday, February 7, 2013

Isn't Art Deco The Slick Early Mid Century Cousin To Vintage Modern? Me Thinks So. Check Out These Pretty Little Stain Glass Art Deco Window Pains. Status: Underutilized.


What to do with these?  I've had these for years but only just pulled them out of the packaging that the seller wrapped them in!  When I saw them I knew I had to have them but have never figured out what to do with them.


They were covered in a thin layer of grease so I'm thinking these were in a kitchen window.  We picked

these up while just out on a neighborhood walk one day a few years ago.  The Girlfriend used to live on

the south side of St. Louis in a neighborhood known as Tower Grove East and we used to love going for

walks to look at all the hundred year old homes. 


While out on one of these walks we found a small yard sale.  There wasn't much in our style available

but these two small panels caught my eye.  I paid the man, he wrapped them up and off we strolled. 

A few years later, here we are, unwrapping and cleaning up the pair.  But what to do with them?  I'm

thinking about maybe getting some wire or strong fishing line to put them up in a window where they

can be properly admired.


They don't really "fit" the theme of our humble abode here in North County but they'd look Fab over

at the shop in Frenchtown!  Isn't France where the whole Art Deco movement started?  And it all

comes (in admittedly, a very small way!) full circle!


  1. Those are directly inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's later stain glass and rug designs...I think he used this design in some of his south west work in the mid-century. Google "Frank Lloyd Wright Circles"

  2. I'd snap those up in a heartbeat if I lived closer. Any chance they could be shipped to MN?

  3. Definitely Wright inspired. See the images of the Coonley playhouse by Wright.

  4. We have some stained glass pieces in our 1927 bungalow but nothing as cool as these! I think these would fit just fine with some MCM decor with the great lines!

  5. If you like those Coonley-inspired windows, you'd love the Frank Lloyd Wright walking tour in Oak Park, IL. This year, it's on May 18. I'm a real FLW fan, and I plan to do the tour one of these days.

  6. Have I ever mentioned how awesome you all are?!

    Ariel - Sorry, no shipping. I doubt they'd survive the journey.

    Dana - We have done the house / studio tour as well as the self guided audio Oak Park tour. It was Fab!