Monday, February 4, 2013

Gotta Tell Ya, Red And Chrome Seem To Be My Lucky Colors Lately! That I Managed To Pick Up A Set Of Four Peter Protzman / Herman Miller Chrome And Red Arm Chairs Over The Weekend Is No Exception! Status: Hot Rod Colors!


If you know how cats are about being pampered and always finding just the right space for a can guess that these chairs are comfy.  While shooting this set of photos, King Larry McDuff (AKA: Bad Cat) wasn't about to relinquish his throne, even while it got moved around and bright flashes of light were going off all around him.

Yup, KLMBC loves a good chair.  I guess these Herman Miller / Peter Protzman seats are right up his

alley!  I spotted the set on craigslist last week while on patrol and because the photos were weak I

wasn't really chomping at the bit to get them, but the price was certainly right.  So last evening, when

the sellers Finally got back to me about picking them up and I was already headed their way, I didn't

hesitate to make the appointment to meet. 


I'm glad I followed through because I didn't realize the quality and style of these chairs until the seller

pulled them out of his van.  Most of the Herman Miller / Peter Protzman designs share the chrome

plated steel "hoop" structure seen in the design of the integrated arms, legs and runners of these chairs.

Those of you who also read Dana's blog might remember this Miller / Protzman desk that was at

Mid2Mod a while back
.  I'd LOVE to find a desk like that some day!


"His van?" Yeah, I agreed to meet the seller in the parking lot of a business near their home...and I

showed up (for various reasons) in The Flirt...the Girlfriends Ford Fiesta.  GREAT gas mileage, four

door hatchback, but limited room even with the seats folded down.  And there were FOUR of these

chairs.  The seller Brought Them In A VAN.  They don't nest or stack.  It was about 6:30pm, cold and

a little windy.  I looked them over, got out my tool kit, made a few quick assessments of the situation,

paid the seller and sent him home.  I was GOING to get them in that little hatchback! 


It took me all of 25 minutes (remember, it was cold out...I didn't mess around!) to take all the seats off

and pull one of the frames completely apart.  They fit.  Done!  Sometimes you just gotta do what you

gotta do...strike while the iron is hot...all that!  It was worth it.  These are super hot.  I'm taking a pair

of them over to Fleur De Lis - Home Source to display there and the other pair to my Booth (#5) at

The Green Shag Market, just to see which get snatched up first!  I'm thinking it might be The Shag pair. 

Remember the set of four red and chrome side chairs I picked up a few weeks ago and dropped off at

The Shag?  Those didn't last very long at all!  Two days I think!

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