Friday, February 15, 2013

Wow! What A Difference A Day Can Make! Fleur De Lis - Home Source Opened It's Doors This Morning And Already I've Got To Re-arrange Things And Bring In New Items! Status: Open!


So today (Valentines Day!) was our first real "open" day and I've already sold the pair of Giancarlo Piretti slipper chairs!  One official day open and I've already got a hole to fill!  So I did, and with another very special chair, the Ib Kofod Larsen armchair!


Yup, I've finally decided it's time to move this amazing find along.  Yes, it does need new upholstery (I

tried diligently to clean it and it does actually look better...but it needs to be redone) and a freshening up

of the wood and brass finish, but this is a wonderful example of a fine mid century designer piece of

furniture.  It looks like a pretty simple re-upholstery job and I bet if you asked nice, Momtomic would

give you a quote of recovering it in your choice of fabric right there in the shop!  (Further

research has found the Kofod Larsen attribution to be false - Turns out it's a Dan Johnson

design and is called the Viscount Chair!)

.  also packed up some more smalls for the shop. I brought in the McCoy "Have A Nice Day" mugs

and a trio of art deco glass vases.  The place still looks a little to barren for my taste.  I've just got to

troll around here a little more and box up some more stuff to bring over.  Oh, and the shop is only 18

minute from home (with no traffic).  How convenient is that?


And this little lot I picked up today on my way into work.  I stopped at the Salvation Army thrift store

by my bank since I had to go there too and found a few more Silver Foliage Champagne glasses and

this neat little...uh...I don't know what it is!  Anybody wanna hazard a guess?  Maybe a little place to

put the mail?  I dunno, but it's got hairpin like legs so I bought it!  It needs a new coat of paint so I

didn't just leave it at the shop.  It'll probably end up down in my booth (#5) at The Green Shag

Market anyway.


  1. It holds kindling for a fireplace! My dad had one, and a larger one that held logs, too. The black paint is hi-temp, just like the stuff they use on the outside of the cone-shaped fireplaces.

  2. Your chair is similar is style to my Adrian Pearsall dining chairs that I hope to recover as soon as the fabric arrives. I already tried my hand at another small danish chair with the same style back and it turned out great! Good luck with the new space!

  3. Hi. Could you tell me a bit about the round ottoman that is underneath your glasses? I found one at a yard sale this past summer and just love it. Would love some info on it. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for all the encouragement everybody! And thanks for the info on the Kindling Holder. The ottoman is a Franco Albini pouf / table.