Sunday, February 10, 2013

Got Down To The South Side Thrifts Today. No Major Haul But I Found A Few Goodies. Some Days Are Better Than Others. Status: Smalls Haul.


Even though I didn't find a car load of items this afternoon, it's nice to find at least one Really Good piece that totally made my day.  Can you guess which one of the above five it might be?


The haul turned out to be pretty colorful and diverse today.  I actually picked up a couple of other items

that I dropped of at the shop.  The impetus for today's thrifting adventure was a craigslist pickup of a pair

of frilly twisted wire patio chairs that I found for Mom-tomic and the shop.  I spotted them last night and

sent her the link.  She's out of town and asked if I could try to get them for her.  Done!  I also picked up

a good '60s style tall lampshade that I accidentally left at the shop too.  I should have brought it home to

figure out what lamp to fit it to.  The other stuff I found?  Picked up the blue glass footed fruit bowl at

the Salv. Army.  The Paul McCobb - Jackson China / Contempri plate came from the South Side St.

Vincents.  The Girlfreind picked up a ton of books and I forgot to have my card stamped.  Dangit.  The

Descoware orange sauce pan also came from the St. Vincents thrift.  This is one of the local thrifts that

I often overlook as it's relatively new and I don't drive past it often.  Good shop.


These mugs also came from St. Vincents. I'm a big NPR and Public Radio fan. I "discovered" public

radio back in '97 while on a road trip through Utah and the Grand Canyon. I found it comforting that

as I left the signal range of one NPR radio station, the next would usually be broadcasting the same

program. I don't watch much news so listening to Public Radio on my way to and from work each day

keeps me pretty well informed. I just wish they had better traffic reports here in St. Louis! And White

Castle? What more has to be said about that? Who don't like a belly bomber at 3am after a night out

on the town?! But that is a rather small coffee cup. Maybe it's just a really big Espresso cup!

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  1. I picked up that same mug at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I thought the same thing -- too small for my cup of coffee. My feeling is it's a more recent promotional item rather than a vintage mug.