Friday, August 12, 2011

While I Was Shooting Outside Over The Weekend I Thought I'd Knock Out A Few Pics Of These Vintage Polaroids. Status: Kinda Rough


I picked these two SX 70 Polaroid cameras at two different roadside flea markets in North Carolina while on vacation. I know they aren't in great shape but I've seen some cool SX 70s that have been "redecorated".

There are all kinds of places to buy "skins" for your SX 70 camera, but I don't think you need to.

How hard could it be to cut these out yourself? I just have to figure out what material to use. I'd love

to some day get my near mint one up and running someday.


There is a whole community of SX 70 users out there who have "hacked" their camera to use the

film packs that are still produced. Turns out the film that the SX 70 uses fell out of production a few

years ago. You can still buy film that is designed for some of the newer Polaroid cameras but it isn't

a direct fit into the SX 70 body and it takes exposure faster.


You can hack the film pack to fit the body very easily but you have to attach a dark lens to the lens

of the camera so that less light gets to the film during exposure. It's all pretty simple but then you

still have to order the film. It's not like you can get it at Walgreens anymore. I think someone should

make a "film pack" that is actually a digital capture devise that fits in the body of the all the Polaroid



I've never seen a SX 70 with a case like this that stays on the camera after it is opened (deployed?).

I've got a camel colored leather case for my other SX 70 that you have to remove the camera from

in order to open and use it. I kinda like the black case. I'm glad it's in good usable shape (glad

something in this collection is usable!)



This last one is interesting in that the flash bar attaches to the top of the view finder...which is open

and does not get reflected down through the body of the camera. Huh. I just noticed this difference

this evening and thought that the view finder was just missing it's hood. Nope. Three different

cameras and three variations!


  1. Well this post is right up my alley. My husband actually restores old Polaroid cameras and has a particular affinity for SX70s. He would be happy to take a look at the cameras you have and diagnose them. Plus I know he has great suppliers for skins. You should stop by and see him sometime. Our studio (Hawes Photography) is on Cherokee Street right next to Retro 101. Or drop him a line - there's a contact form on our site

    Also, an art group actually bought the old Polaroid factory in Europe and is making new film for these cameras so you don't have to go to all the modifications you listed:

    We both LOVE Polaroids and shoot with them all the time (See the Polaroids category on our blog: Hope this helps :)


  2. Holy crap! The blog finally pays off. I knew I was putting this thing out there for a good reason. I'll have to get down to the shop soon. If anybody want's to check out their shop, here's a clickable link - Hawesphotography

    ...and here's a clickable link to their polaroid catagory on their blog - hawesphotographyblog polaroids.