Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just A Quick Looky At A Pair Of Small Prints I've Made Available On My C-List Ad. Status: Available As Of Now!!!


What a great pair of Mod prints, no?! They have a vague "Asian" thing going on, don'tcha think? They're small enough to work in your hallway or even your bathroom.
The frames could use a teeny tiny bit of touch up but are fully serviceable. C'mon, if they were

TOO perfect they'd have no character and look like they came from Target or Ikea or something!

Authenticity, that's what I deal in!


I've got them on one of my ads. I've got so much stuff available these days that I've had to make

three ads!


Not asking much for them. I've just too much of this kinda art sitting around, unhung and being

wasted. I don't have enough walls to hang all of it!

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