Thursday, August 4, 2011

....Aaaannnnddd Yes, More Vacation Booty! Danish Dolly? Ben Seibel! And Starburst Bakeware! Status: It's Gotten (Much More) Cluttered Around Here


Just a few more goodies from the Summer Roadtrip 2011! Got this lot on our last gasp on our way home at an antique mall in Memphis Tn. called Antique Warehouse Mall. Would have loved to hit the big flea market in Memphis but it was the wrong weekend.

The Antique Warehouse Mall is a pretty great joint. I walked in the front door...took one quick

look around and knew I'd hit pay dirt! The Seibel pitcher, bakeware and little wood guy are only

three of the cool items we dragged home from Memphis.



I trolled the thrift stores and retro shops for years without having ever seen this pattern of

bakeware! Now after a year (almost! Blogaversery is coming up quick!) of authoring the blog

I've found LOTS of it! there a connection? Dunno. I'm pretty happy to have a nice

little collection of it though.


The Girlfriend picked this up. She has a (weird, she'll be the first to admit) fascination with

these. She's been fondling them every chance she gets. Maybe it's a girl / doll thing. I'm not

sure. I kinda dig it too. It reminds me of this Ernest Trova sculpture in downtown Clayton (just

outside St. Louis).


The last in this little trio of goodyness is this classically beautiful Ben Seibel pitcher by Iroquois.

I KNOW! Three pitchers on One Vacation? But I really couldn't pass it up. Wait until I post on

the antique mall and you see all the cool stuff that I DID leave behind!


...Then, while at a local antique mall here at home over the weekend...look what I turned up!

A Ben Seibel salt and pepper shaker set! I'm just glad I managed to find them before the

Girlfriend sniffed them out. Look out Dana, I'm hot on your heels!


  1. And you have salt and pepper shakers that are all in one piece...unlike mine, which the seller shipped knocking around inside a tiny box. That still kinda irks me.

    You found some great things on your vacation!

  2. I found the Ben Seibel Harvest Time salt and pepper shakers along with the coffee pot (no lid), pitcher, and creamer for $10 at a flea market booth this summer. I don't collect it so I sold it all (I didn't sell it to Dana, though)on ebay as a set. Maybe I should have pieced it out. Loving your vacation booty!