Friday, August 26, 2011

What's Better Than A Swanky Swag Pull Down Saucer Lamp? Why, A PAIR Of Swanky Swag Pull Down Saucer Lamps! Status: Available (X 2!)


I picked up these lamps down in Memphis at the Antique Warehouse Mall antique mall. This set was one of the coolest things I found there. Finding a single one like these would have been pretty great...finding a matched pair was certainly a coup!



They are both in working condition, though I think a rewiring is in order for safety's sake. They look

pretty simple to rewire. One of the sockets appears to have been replaced already. The twist switch

is a little too short and the paint has been worn away around it as a result. The finish is in good

vintage "as found" or "farm fresh" condition but could benefit from a refresh. A nice new coat of

Satin Black will bring these back. If they don't sell right away, I'll rewire them and hit them with some

fresh paint myself.


I love how the light peeks out from the pin pricks of the upper half of the lamps. These will look

amazing hanging on each side of a bed just over the night stands. I think they should hang low

enough to hide the opaque fiberglass lower half shade when the viewer is standing. Put some lower

wattage "reading" bulbs in them so that they aren't too bright right next to your head when reading

in bed.


So, when I get a chance to, I'll be adding this set to my ads. I'd love to give them a new home even

though I'd also love to keep them here! The only place I feel like I can use them is in the bedroom

and I've already got a great set of danish "rocket" lamps in use there. I guess we'll just have to see

what happens. I'm pretty smitten with the design.