Monday, August 15, 2011

Crazy Vacation Pickings From All Through The Smokies. Status: Almost The Last Of It!


One last "lot" from the vacation roadtrip shopping extravaganza. Whew...we didn't bring home any big items but we had bags and boxes of all these little things.

We picked up all the items pictured above at an antique mall next door to Twice As Nice thrift store

in Somerset KY
(which we also visited). I couldn't find the name or any other info about the antique

mall on line. I guess it must be too new. It was big and had a good amount of vintage stuff but also

had lots of booths full of new tools, fake Gucci purses, and housewares. I hate that some antique

malls have to resort to having booths like this but they gotta pay the bills too.


Mmmmm...tasty! A medium size Salem North Star chop platter. Every time I think or read the words

"chop platter" I cringe thinking of somebody "chopping" vegetables or heaven forbid, meat on one

of these! Just how my brain works. Then I picture a pile of golden grilled pork chops on the plate

and I feel so much better.


Ohhhh....I love these! Finding confetti plasticware at a reasonable price is so hard. I find it amazing

how the same item can be the same price at any antique mall anywhere you go. Confetti mixing

bowls and those primary color Pyrex mixing bowls are like this. Weird. I guess since these are like

cereal or soup (coup) bowls they didn't qualify to be "priced in accordance" cuz I feel like we got

them cheap! Prolon, are these old or current? Prolon still makes the stuff.


Yeah, of course, for the girlfriend. Classic anodized aluminum salt and pepper shakers. I'm pretty

sure we already have a set or two of these could we resist?! They're just so cute!


While I love this little condiment set, I only realized after we got home and I pulled it out for these

shots that there are TWO vinegar carafes! No oil carafe. Suck. No big deal. It's still really nice and

a beautiful design. I think it'll go nicely with the Ben Seibel lidded coffee pot.


These big guys came from this place, the same place that I rescued the danish modern "rocket"

lamp from. I've already got a set of CoCo Joe's Tiki God bookends but these are just so authentic!





  1. LOVE those confetti / melmac bowls - great find!

  2. Never saw the North Star chop plate before. What I would do to own one!

  3. Very cool. I always love smalls. LOVE the North Star platter and condiment set.