Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Piece Of E. S. B. (Estate Sale Booty!) That I Only Just Got Around To Cleaning Up. This Is A Really Nice Danish Inspired Rocker By Baumritter. Status: Available And Rocking Out!


This is the absolute last piece that I dragged home from Saturday's estate sale. It was filthy. I spent all morning (before heading out to work!) cleaning it up to shoot pics. No wonder I'm so wiped out! These estate sale finds are killing me!


Right,'s not just a danish modern style lounge's also a Rocker! Nice right? I didn't

even realize this until after I paid for it and started to move it out of the basement of the sale.



Yes, I know...that is some LOUD fabric! But the chair is comfortable as is. The padding is a little bit

light but it works fine. If ya need a pop of color in your life...this might be for you! I'm putting it up on

craigslist if you're interested


Pow! How's that for bright and cheery? And it's gender neutral so wouldn't this work great in a

nursery? Rocking your little one to sleep in style. Isn't your wee one deserved of a sweet rocking

chair that can later still be used in the living room and eventually passed down to them (if they don't

destroy it during the terrible twos!)? Just an idea.


Check out the sculpted arms. Solid wood construction. This is meant to last. It's going to be around

a long time. Baumritter still continues to this day as Ethan Allen but was established in 1932.


Oops, I should've cleaned up those springs a little bit better! But you can see the rocking

mechanism well enough. The strapping is in great shape and is taught and strong. I don't think

you'll need to worry about replacing those any time soon.


  1. never saw a rocker in person...but the chair looks lovley..:)

  2. I have one of those Baumritter rocker/gliders, except mine has brownish orange cushions.

  3. I never find these cool chairs. I's great!

  4. Gorgeous! I wish we lived closer, I can't keep these chairs in stock longer than a day in my store. :( But they 've all had boring fabric, I am LOVING the print on these !!

  5. We just inherited this chair. Where do you get the replacement belts? or replacement cushions?