Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Well, In Case You Haven't Heard Yet, I've Expanded Once Again. Now You Can Find Mr. Modtomic's Available Wares In St. Peters Near The Mid Rivers Mall! We Stopped By The Brand New Time Machine Antique Mall Sunday And Walked Out With 100 Sq. Ft. More Booth Space! Status: Open!!!


Technically, The Time Machine Antique Mall in St. Peters won't have it's grand opening until September 1st, but they are open to the public already and there are a number of vendors up and vending already...including yours truly!  I rented a spot Sunday morning and managed to get some select pieces in there Sunday afternoon.


What a weekend.  We got up early Saturday for the Belleville flea market where I found absolutely nothing (but still had a good time hunting!).  I came home and took the rest of the afternoon creating the coffee table you might have read about yesterday and cleaning up a number of other fine items that I've picked up in the recent past weeks.  It was a long warm afternoon in the driveway and all those pieces were packed up in the back of Frank (my Focus Wagon) to be taken to my booth at The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur.  But then this happened.


Sometime last week I spotted an ad in the antique section of craigslist touting a new antique mall soon to open in St. Peters.  They were offering FREE rent for the rest of the month to entice vendors into filling the space before their grand opening September 1st.  "Great idea", I thought.  This owner's got a good head on their shoulders and they know how to use it!  So I saved the ad and thought that I might try to get out there and take a look around sometime during the week.  Well, that never happened, but since we were headed to Wentzville Sunday morning for the flea market (still didn't find much) I figured we could stop in on the way home and take a gander.


Well, as you can plainly see...booth size and shape was negotiated and paperwork got signed.  Those pegboard walls you see above, those weren't even up!  I told the owner that I'd be able to come back in a few hours with a load of items and he said he'd have the space ready for me when I did.  He kept his word.  I have to say, I feel so incredibly lucky to have ended up with such great, kind, understanding and friendly owners both here at The Time Machine Antique Mall as well as the The Green Shag Market and The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur.  I know it looks sort of barren now, but this is just one (very weakly packed) car load.  I've got plenty more to drop off soon.  And, you see that coffee table right there in the middle?  It's already Gone!  I've only been "open" here for ONE Day!!!


  1. Does your garage hold cars now? Keep up the good work for finding adoptions for your stuff.

    1. Hi John.

      Not yet, but I can almost get to the breaker box!