Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lord, Sometimes It Takes Me Forever To Get A Project Done. This Pair Of Teak Nesting Tables Have Been Super Patient Waiting For Me To Refinish Them For Over A Year! Status: Done And Available @ Time Machine Antique Mall.


We went to an all "Mid-Century" auction quite a while back wherein I purchased a few select items, all wanting for a bit of love.  This pair of teak danish modern nesting tables was one of just a few lots that went cheap enough for me to bring home, but they were a mess.


And once again, I failed to take "before" photos to show you what an amazing difference a little sandpaper, danish oil and satin "wipe on" polyurethane can make.  Like I said above, these were enough of a mess that there wasn't much of a bidding war to get 'em.  They had water ring and some good scratches not to mention the different length legs were all mismatched on the table tops so they sat funny!


I wish there were some sort of labels or stamps identifying the manufacturer or designer on these, but I think they are stylish enough to stand on there own.  I only refinished the tops since the legs are fine.  The tops, being solid teak, can stand a good hard sanding to take out scratches and water stains.  They turned out pretty nice, right?  They don't look new, but that's OK...I like that there is still some character on them.  That's how you know they're legit!  They're ready to go to a loving new home now and soon they'll have a tag hanging off them over at The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.  Check 'em out there if they strike your fancy!


  1. Nice pair - they look great. How essential was the polyurethane to this project? Danish oil supposedly provides its own sealant. I just scored a walnut DM-style couch that will need a complete strip, and will be using this stuff for the first time. Your Howard's product recommendation has previously served me well, but this time I will be taking it down to bare wood.

    1. Hi Mythos.

      Since these are tables and will likely have a sweating glass set upon that fresh finish, I thought it necessary to give a good protective coating to these. For a sofa you could likely get away without, but the wipe on stuff I bought is so easy to apply, I feel like it would be irresponsible to not do it after so much work otherwise!