Sunday, August 23, 2015

Totally Had Something Else In The Que For Today's Post, Then I Went To The Flea Market This Morning. I Found Cool Looking Steel Chest Of Drawers And Spent The Afternoon Cleaning It Up And Taking It To The Time Machine Antique Mall. Status: Already Gone!


I almost passed on this chest this morning. It's big and heavy and I didn't have Frank (the Focus wagon), instead opting to take the Girlfriend's GTI Rabbit named "Jack". I wasn't keen on man handling this into the back of Jack all by my lonesome...but in the end, I got it done.


It was a hot mess too.  I spent the morning after getting home going over every inch of this Norman Bel Geddes steel chest of drawers with 0000 steel wool and 409.  It cleaned up nice!  Afterward I buffed it out with some carnauba wax leaving the missing paint and minor dents and dings for patina and character. 


Check out the sliders.  They are wood!  The inside of the steel sides is covered with some sort of sound damping material as well.  This was not cheap metal furniture.  I love the turquoise color too.  I wish the paint was in better condition, as well as the steel body itself...but ya get what ya can find.  I've seen some of these on 1stDibs stripped down to bare steel with perfect bodies going for Big money.


Of course, I know that 1stDibs is kinda crazy, so if you like what you see you can find this in my booth (#307) at The Time Machine Antique Mall for a fraction of what one of those are going for.  The booth is officially filled, having dropped this off along with a bunch of smalls this afternoon.  The antique mall itself is about 40% filled with vendors now.  If you're in the market to set up a booth, you could do worse than giving The Time Machine Antique Mall a look see!

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