Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We Made Our First Flea Market Visits Of The Season Last Weekend. It Being So Early In The Season, It Was No Surprise We Didn't Come Home Overloaded With Goodies. Still, This Little Double Gooseneck Desk Lamp Was A Nice Find. Status: Gone.


Dang but I had a lot of lamps hangin' around here waiting to head down to the booth at The Green Shag Market.  I say "Had" 'cuz I finally took a load of them and some other good stuff down there just this afternoon.


I love these vintage gooseneck desk lamps.  The double gooseneck lamps?  Even more!  This is one

of only two items I found after visiting both the Wentzville flea AND the Belleville flea last Sunday.

It's not always about the score with going to the flea market.  It's fun just to go and look through all

the interesting stuff with the hope of finding treasure.


I got this little fella pretty cheap because it only had one of the walnut knobs on top of the shades.

Luckily I had a matched pair in an even Cooler style that I took off a pole lamp that was missing it's

third knob!  Win!  Plus, it's always nice when you get one of these questionable lamps home and it

actually works as intended.  The four way switch leaves you with either single lamp on, both on or

both off.  Nice!


So yeah, I took this little guy along with four other lamps down to the booth at The Green Shag

Market today.  I also dropped off a couple of end tables and an Arthur Umanoff steel, leather and

cutting board wine rack.  So there's some new stuff down there to check know, in case

you're bored and in the neighborhood!

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