Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I've Got Real High Hopes For This Endeavour. I'm Not Totally Sold...Yet, But They Are Saying All The Right Things So Far. Spring Is Just Around Corner So We'll See How The St. Louis Swap Meet Turns Out Pretty Soon! Status: Anticipation!

The Old Abandoned Lemp Brewery - St. Louis, Missouri

I SO want to get excited about this, but having been right in the middle of the mid 90s thru mid 00s local music boom here in St. Louis, and watched great band after great band fail to get any traction in the wider market...I just can't bring myself to hold my breath.  But I hope I'm wrong!

1888 Wm J Lemp's Western Brewery St. Louis

So it looks like the St. Louis Swap Meet will come to life this spring in the open spaces at the

abandon Lemp Brewery in south St. Louis.  What a great place for a flea market since this is will be

anchoring the historic Antique Row on Cherokee Street.  There's also easy access to and from

Highway 55 via Potomac, President, Cherokee and Arsenal.  Having the 130 year old brick structure

in the back ground will provide some pleasant ambiance too, in my humble opinion.

1902 Falstaff Lemp St. Louis Choicest Product of the Brewers Art

In case you don't already know, I've got something of a man crush on Jonathan Butler and his raging

success: The Brooklyn Flea
.  I would LOVE to have something like that come to fruition here in the St. 

Louis area.  If you've ever been to the Randolph Street Market in Chicago you know that it CAN 

happen...even in (what is technically) the Mid-West!  My only concern is that St. Louis is the land of 

"good enough".  Think about it, this city was settled by people leaving the east coast for a better 

life...but who arrived here and thought to themselves "Meh, this is good enough."  It seems to infect 

so much in this town.  I hope that the St. Louis Swap Meet, and the potential customers there of, can 

escape the pull of the Mid-West Mediocrity.  What do you think.  Can it happen here?


  1. Please keep us posted about this. It may be worth a timing a trip back to see the family. I've been wanting to go back to see your shops, anyway. How far apart are your 2 spaces?

    1. Hi kristina

      I may end up vending at this flea if it works out, so you'll hear all about it of course! My two booths are about 20 - 25 minutes apart.