Friday, March 13, 2015

Ahhh...Last Weekend The Weather Was Absolutely Splendid. I Guess The Warmth Has Spurred Sellers Since Criagslist Has Seemed To Really Pick Up. Speaking Of Picking Up...This Quartet Of Eames / Miller Chairs In Green Alexander Gerard Hopsak Were Picked Up Last Weekend Too! Status: Gone.


Yup, the Polar Vortex has gone home for the year (we hope) and the sub freezing days with it.  This whole week it's been fantastic here in St. Louis.  Sunday was the criagslist bonanza day for me last weekend.  Along with the Drexel chest I featured a couple days ago I managed to bring this beautiful set of Eames Shell Stackers home too.


These Eames /  Herman Miller fiberglass shell chairs are sort of the standard buy you hope to find

from time to time.  They are easy on the eyes, easy to transport, easy to store and easy to flip!  They

should be called "easy chairs"!  This set is in great shape with (IMHO) less wear and tear than their

age would suggest.  They don't look 41 years old, do they?


Property of IBM?  Not anymore!  But I like that sticker.  I've already taken the set down to The Green

Shag Market for your perusal, should you find yourself in need of something green for St. Patrick's

Day...or any day for that matter.  This is the first time I've seen the green Alexander Girard hopsak

fabric.  I think it's quite fetching.  You?


Sadly, of the feet is broken off.  There are replacements on eBay.  I just don't have the time

to mess with that, what with all the projects I've got to get going on out in the garage.  They are easy

to replace though.  I watched a video on how to do it on YouTube.  And the feet aren't too expensive.

Hmmmm...MoModerne sells a lot of these.  I wonder if they stock the replacement feet for the chairs

they buy.  Might have to look into that.


Pretty soon that grass will look like those chairs.  Ugh, that means I'll have to drag the mower out and

start cutting it.  Small price to pay to be able to play outside again.  This winter wasn't the worst

we've had around here, but it was rough.  I, for one, am not sad to say goodbye to it!

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  1. 80 degrees here in Richmond Va today. The grass will need cutting once a week shortly. The cold has damaged many shrubs here but they will survive. Keep up the good postings always enjoy them!