Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Being From St. Louis And Seeing The Gateway Arch Every Day On My Way To Work, Mr. Modtomic Is A Big Fan Of Eero Saarinen. So When I Can Procure A Beautiful Set Of Knoll / Saarinen Armchairs I Of Course Jump At The Chance! Status: Available.


As office chairs go, the Eero Saarinen armchair is absolutely one of the most stylish choices, but just by looking at these chairs here on the innernets what you are missing is how seriously comfy these chairs are.


I haven't had the time yet to clean up the upholstery on these fine vintage armchairs but they still look

pretty nice.  You gotta love the color.  It's kind of a raspberry.  I'm going to go over them with my

upholstery cleaner and see how they clean up before dropping them into a booth.


Today I did manage to get out and clean up the legs with steel wool and some glass cleaner.  They

shined up nice but I did discover that two of the four have chrome plated legs while the other two

have what I believe are nickle plated legs.  Two of the pair are also noticeably heavier.  I'm guessing

that this is a pair of two and two from different vintages that were all upholstered in the same fabric

at some time in the recent past.


These aren't the same since they are vintage but I sit in a Knoll / Saarinen swivel armchair every day

here at home in front of my PC.  The Girlfriend has a Herman Miller Aeron and I've had several

myself filter through the house
, but I've always stuck with the Saarinen chair.  I find it Much more

comfortable.  Beautiful AND comfortable!


  1. I love that particular design too. Nice that you found four. I doubt anyone will care about the difference in the legs.

    1. Hi Dana.

      The leg difference is pretty subtle. I do however wish that the attached leg sets were front and back instead of left and right. Then I could mix the sets among the four for uniformity...which makes a Mr. happy!