Sunday, March 8, 2015

I Had Friday Off Work And Took The Opportunity To Check A Half Dozen Or So Thrifts, Coming Home Mostly Empty Handed. Then Saturday I Tried The Estate Sale Scene And Scored A Little, But Sunday Was The REAL Breaking Of The Ice. Status: Available.


It's been ages since the last time I picked up some nice bedroom pieces and even longer since finding any Drexel to offer in either of the booths.  I've been itching to get some dressers and chests in the both and this Drexel Profile chest is perfect since it can be either a chest of drawers OR a dining room bar!


Now, I love the idea of making this a place of fun and free flowing libations...but I guess for those

who procreate it could be used as a baby changing station.  For those who actually want to

concentrate while composing (I prefer to be able to see the TV) it could even be used as a drop front

desk, which it was maybe it's supposed to be.  Who knows.


It's uncanny how just as the weather broke this weekend ( was SO Nice), the goods started

flowing as well.  OK, Friday kinda sucked since I spent so much time and gas scoring very little, but

then it got a little warmer on Saturday and an auction provided a much needed infusion of hope for

spring.  Then Sunday morning, craigslist came back to life and I managed to score four great chairs

and this John Van Koert chest all in the course of two hours!


So what do you think?  The previous owner thought those slide out trays might be for shoes.  Kinda

makes sense.  The two middle drawers could be for socks.  I don't know why anybody would want to

keep shoes in a dresser...but OK!  Personally, I think that the trays should be pulled and stored so that

a couple of bottles and some barware could be displayed here.  You could even install some under-

cabinet lighting to liven things up, though after a couple of tequila shots I don't know how much

things will need livening?!  Anyway, this beautiful chest will be available at The Antique Mall of

Creve Coeur Monday afternoon.  Drop by and give a look if you think you might be in need.


  1. Love the Profile chest. I still wish I hadn't sold my dining set and china cabinet!

    1. Hi Dana.

      It's tough letting go of hard won sets or pieces that you've put lots of time an money into putting together. What do ya think? Would you have used this with your dining set or put it in a bedroom?

  2. Neat! Looks like it's in great shape.
    Those slide-out shelves were for your folded straight-from-the-cleaners dress shirts. You could pull the shelf out and pick one or put one in w/out messing up the whole pile.
    I would pull the shelves and store them, too! Glasses (retro jigger collection?) would look neat on the shelves and cocktail napkins could go in the drawers.

    1. Hi Pat.

      THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I'm hoping that the new owner will see the potential as well. I should probably place a few empty bottles and some barware in there to spark their imagination.

  3. Bar/Baby changing station! Or maybe not. Cool shelves and handles.

    1. Hi John.

      Both? At the same time?!!! I've never changed a baby, but I can't imagine that I wanna pour a double on that after!

  4. "Anonymous

    Your photos sure look a heck of a lot better than the one photo the craigslist seller in U City had for this item. Did you get it for the asking price of $###, or did you do better than that???"

    A. Please don't comment on my specific buying prices. I don't post what I'm asking for the item here because this isn't a selling blog, it's just an entertainment and info blog. I will from here on out just delete the comments.

    B. I did buy it for the asking - and for the record, I MOSTLY offer more than asking on underpriced items.

    1. Well you didn't offer my friend more when she sold you these (link below). You even stated in your blog post that the items were "wildly under priced". She told me you bought them at the asking price. When she read your blog post she really felt you ripped her off since you are an expert on mid century furniture. So much for "offering more".

    2. I sold the Knoll sofa & loveseat to you and WAS insulted by your blog comments. You might want to consider that some Craigslist's sellers may end up reading your blog posts!

    3. As far as Mr. Mod offering more, I know he has done this to beat other people out of a deal that had already been agreed upon between seller and buyer. Someone else beat him to an item on craigslist, but he offered the seller more money and screwed the other person's deal. Not an honorable way to deal with people, it tends to piss people off.

    4. Hi Anonymous @ 12:43PM

      I can't always offer more. I'm not a rich man and what I paid (what Michelle asked for) was about three days pay for me. 24 solid hours of my life. I'm sorry that Michelle felt ripped off but I'm not an expert either. I learn as I go and only do so because I have a passion for this stuff. I knew nothing about this sofa and chair set before I saw it on craigslist that night. I looked it up based solely on what she had listed in the ad. Anybody could have come to the same conclusion that I did, including you and Michelle.

      Hi Michelle D

      I'm sorry that you felt insulted by anything I posted...but for the life of my I can't figure out what you were insulted by. Was it my praise for your integrity concerning keeping your commitment to me? I'm guessing, if the comment by your anonymous friend is any indication, that it's the "wildly under priced" phrase. If so, I apologize. It was just intended to convey my excitement at bringing home such a wonderful find. It CERTAINLY wasn't intended to provoke you or hurt your feelings!

      Hi Anonymous @ 2:13

      I'm sorry that you are so upset about another person's deal being screwed, but I don't have any control over a seller's integrity. It's not like I have a long drawn out conversation with sellers. If I see an item under priced and I can afford to offer more, I will...USUALLY because I work late and want the seller to meet me late at night on my way home from work thereby keeping the item from being "snaked (this is the word you might be looking for)" out from under Me! And BELIEVE ME, it happens to Me all the time! It's just the nature of the game. I get pissed off too. Sometimes I vent a little here, but I don't think I've ever attacked anyone on-line about it. It's really not that big of a deal. What I've learned in doing this over the years is that there's plenty in St. Louis out there for everybody. If we miss something or something get's snaked by someone else...dry our tears 'cuz there'll be something else to come along soon. Promise!

      In case anybody is interested in reading the post in question:

      Click Here.

    5. Mr. Mod; It is not only a matter of the seller's integrity, it is a matter of your integrity. A deal should be a deal, and once one is made someone else should not come along and get in the middle of the deal by offering more money. That is not an honorable way to conduct business. If you were beat to an item by someone else, you were beat, PERIOD! Hoping the seller has the integrity of a common prostitute and will take a higher offer, even though they have already accepted someone else's offer, is not acceptable behavior. There was a time when people held themselves to a higher personal standard, apparently that time is no more.

    6. A lecture on personal ethics from someone launching an anonymous personal attack to vent their sour grapes? Classic!

    7. Hi Anonymous @ 8:31am

      I may be wrong but I think you are misunderstanding the scenario of how a deal goes down. Let's say you answer an ad for a chair that is listed for $50 and are the first to respond. Then let's say I see the same ad a little while later but offer $70 to the seller to let me pick the chair up on my way home from work after dark (since most craigslist sellers are wary of late night meet ups). The seller replies to me and says, "Sure, come get it and thanks for the additional cash.". They don't say to me, "Well, I have another buyer who replied before you but if you are OK with me selling it to you instead, come get it.". Does that not sound ridiculous to you? I don't see how you could possibly feel the ethical burden should fall on the buyer. Do you ask every time you buy an item off craigslist if there might have been an e-mail or two ahead of you that perhaps the seller didn't respond to because they just clicked on the top one on their list? And really, I used to get all wound up about missing an item too...but after doing this for a while I realized that there's plenty more out there. It's just not that big of a deal.

      Hi Anonymous @ 10:03am

      I don't mind a debate on ethics, morals and personal conduct as long as it's kept civil. I feel confident in my actions and my personal code of conduct. I know what kind of person I am and everybody who knows me even a little bit knows that I'm for the most part a pretty OK guy who deals fairly with everybody.

    8. Yes, I think you are wrong. If two people have made a deal, that means a transaction should happen the way they have agreed upon, not that a third party can come along and change the agreed upon deal. I guess you are not familiar with what a breach of contract is. When two people agree upon a transaction, it is a verbal contract. A person's word used to mean something, I guess that must have been before your time?

    9. Hi Anonymous @ 9:23pm

      You seem to be missing the fact that I, as a hopeful buyer, am not changing an agreed upon deal between the seller and another buyer. The seller is changing the agreed upon deal Between The Seller And Another Buyer. I have no knowledge of or power over this agreed upon deal BETWEEN THE SELLER AND ANOTHER BUYER (emphasized because you seem the having trouble with that idea). I am not breaching a contract because I am not part of a contract. Did you not read the part in the post where I praised Michelle for being a good seller because she honored our agreement? If you have a problem with an item being sold out from under you (as I do and I'm sure everybody does) then your issue is simply with the seller.

    10. Yes, I read that part. You praised her for being a good seller, but you don't seem to have the same ethics when it comes to being a good buyer. If someone tells you they already have a buyer, you should not try to ruin the other agreement, it is not an honorable thing to do. She was fine with your post until she read the part where you mentioned that the item was "wildly under priced". That statement made her feel you knew it was worth way more than you paid her, even though you have no obligation to offer more. I think she feels you are an expert on the subject of mid century furniture and felt let down by you. You are acting as a spoiler in an agreement between two people when you try to upset someone else's deal. You seem to not have a problem doing it to other people, but I bet you would not like it if the tables were turned. You have no business getting between another deal and upsetting that deal.

    11. Hi Anonymous @ 10:13pm

      Uhg...this is getting terribly repetitive. Let's cut to the chase. Tell me how I am supposed to know that a seller has another deal already lined up when they (the seller) answer my email.

    12. Mr. Mod; When a seller tells you they already have a buyer and you offer more, than you already know they have a deal lined up and are just trying to upset the deal. You know what you are doing and are just trying to justify it. You have pulled this garbage on a couple of friends of mine where a deal is lined up and you come along and offer more money. I found a couple of lounge chairs a few days ago that I would have liked to have purchased. They were selling for $25 for the pair. The seller told me someone was supposed to come by the next day to buy them. I could have told the seller I would come by in 30 minutes and give him $40, but I did not because he had a deal with someone else lined up, maybe it was you who was coming by the next day? You are not making friends and influencing enemies with your tactics. From reading your blog the past few years I used to think you were a decent guy, my opinion of you has drastically changed based upon your actions.

    13. Hi Anonymous @ 11:41pm

      Sellers don't tell me anything about who they might have already set up deals with. Why would they? I'm obviously not going to convince you that I cannot read sellers minds so you will just have to be satisfied with being mad, logic be damned.

      "If people hustled as hard as they hated they'd be too busy building their own successes instead of taking potshots at yours." - SnapShot @Funk__49 via twitter speaking to Kevin Smith...but I think it applies here.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. If I go somewhere that has items for sale with a posted price on them I never offer more. What is marked is what I pay. It is up to the seller to fix the price.

    that is normal for any place be it flea market, Goodwill, estate sale or Craigs list.
    If I go to someone to purchase items unsolicited by them, then it is up to me to offer a fair price as I see it.

    This really isn't the place to have such comments. This is a spot that entertains and provides those that love vintage and MCM items to learn and see whats new. Very uncalled for

    1. Hi Teresa

      Thanks for the support. The thing to remember is that since there are no set in stone protocols concerning buying or selling on craigslist, everybody just makes up there own. And usually nobody even thinks about these protocols until they have to. As far as comments go, I don't mind the criticism. It's good to have to think about this stuff and challenge my own perceptions once in a while.

    2. Teresa; I do not know Mr. Mod personally and would not know how to contact him other than through this blog.

      "This really isn't the place to have such comments."

  7. His email is listed on the column to the right.

    1. I've tried before, he did not answer back until about a month later.

    2. Hi Anonymous @ 11:31pm

      Sorry about that. I am bad about checking that e-mail.