Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CanaDanish Modern? Who Knew That Canada Made Such Spectacular Vintage Modern Furniture? I Still Don't Have A Name For The Manufacturer Though. Can Anybody Help Out? Status: Mystery / Gone.


Sweet weekend score, right?!  Have you ever seen a set like this before?  I've only seen a piece similar to this at An Orange Moon in Chicago, but that was a buffet and while it did have a similar base, the details were different.  No markings in the drawers for ID on it either.


The set is kinda crazy.  It's a whole lot Mid Century Modern, a little bit Little House On The Prairie,

and somewhat Scandinavian.  In the post by An Orange Moon, Lynne refers to Scandinavian 

designers moving to Canada "back in the day" so it stands to reason that there would be some 

spectacular design coming back out.


43 years old just a couple days ago!  It's got some wear and tear commensurate with it's vintage but it

still presents Very Well.  And ErmahGod it's heavy.  There's a lot of wood right there.  Not pictured is

the HUGE mirror that joins the long low dresser.  The tall chest has adjustable shelves, but all the

pins were broken.  I've got some extra around here somewhere that I'll be putting in there. 


It's a hell of an impressive set.  Not for everybody.  You'll need to have significant space to fill if you

wanna display these in your home.  Standing in front of the chest, I can't see the top surface!  But if

you have lots of stuff to hide...this is your piece!  At one time this might have been the coolest place

to store your records, tapes and CDs but everybody just stores all that on their phone now...oh wait

wait...I mean Wrist Watch!  I am so 15 minutes ago.


  1. I had made plans with this seller to pick this set up at 8 am the next morning. I would imagine they told you they had someone who already had spoken for the set when you called, but that didn't stop you. You must have called them around 11 pm, which in my opinion shows no manners or home training on your part. It appears you have no problem screwing up another person's deal.

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      Sorry to disappoint you but (according to the seller) I was the first caller. I told them I could come by at 10am. THEY texted me to let me know that someone else was trying to break MY deal. So...who has "no problem screwing up another person's deal"? You.

  2. I doubt a seller would say that someone was trying to "BREAK YOUR DEAL". I have the seller's name (Pat), address (XXXX Periwinkle), and home phone number (314)XXX-4552. I don't think the seller would have provided all that information unless it was to the buyer. It was scheduled to be picked up at 8 a.m. the morning after it had been listed. When talking to Pat on the phone he said the set was huge and heavy but he would be willing to help load it. I told him what vehicle we would be driving so he could keep an eye out for us. Suddenly about an hour after making the deal I received a call stating someone else bought it. Instinct told me to check Mr. Modtomic's blog and SURPRISE there it was. Once again screwed by one who thinks of himself as "A Nice Guy." Maybe you should re-evaluate your opinion of yourself!

    1. Hi Michelle D

      If you've got the seller's number you are free to call the seller and get full story (though that would be incredibly petty). You are wrong. You made contact with the seller after I did. They contacted me to let me know another buyer wished to pick it up before me and I decided to just pick it up that night...so as not to be snaked. My conscience (as has been all along) is fine.

      Once again: "If people hustled as hard as they hated they'd be too busy building their own successes instead of taking potshots at yours." - SnapShot @Funk__49 via twitter speaking to Kevin Smith...but I think it applies here.