Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We Just Got Home From A Weekend Visit To Nashville. We Went For The Big Flea Market And One Of My Good Finds Was This Eames Secretarial Task Chair. These Are Kinda Rare...And This Is My Second! Status: Incomplete.


It looks pretty good in the pics but the fabric is still pretty dirty and unfortunately it's missing it's vinyl trim that surrounds the seat.  Still, it's super rare and in good shape otherwise.


There isn't a ton of info out there concerning these Secretary Task chairs and you don't see them

included on too many compilation of Eames / Herman Miller products.  I picked one up a couple of

years ago when we traveled to Upstate New York for our vacation.  It too is in rough shape (missing

some key parts in the mechanism that holds the seatback in place) and when I got it home I just

tossed it into the garage and mostly forgot about it.  I never even did any real research on it.


I haven't yet looked but I'm hoping that it has the vinyl trim intact that this example is missing

thereby producing one complete chair.  You'd think that these, being made for only about 9 years and

MUCH more rare than the ubiquitous shell chair, would command a premium...and while still not

cheap...but they aren't as pricey on the web as I would have thought. 

Here's a little video I found on YouTube.  It doesn't really reveal much and what is said is pretty much

conjecture, but it's nice to see that the chair is getting it's due in a collection of beautiful Eames



  1. Much better than so many look a likes!

    1. Hi John.

      It's good to know that if you need a task chair for sewing and the like, there is a genuine Eames / Herman Miller choice out there...if you can find one!