Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Nashville Flea Didn't Yield Too Much Loot, But Then It Did Seem To Be Just A Larger Version Of The Fleas We Have Here At Home. Still, If There ARE Any Nice Vintage Modern Items To Be Had, Such As This Pair Of Sonneman Table Lamps...Mr. M Is Gonna Find It! Status: Gone.


I just dropped off this beautiful pair of Robert Sonneman / Kovacs bubble table lamps at The Green Shag Market today.  Not something you expect to find at a flea market, but they look right at home in the booth!


We scoured the Nashville Flea for two days.  Friday morning we arrived about 15 minutes before the

published opening time, figuring there might be people waiting to get in.  Not so much.  As a matter

of fact, many of the vendors hadn't even arrived - much less set up!  This just doesn't happen here in

St. Louis.  Here, you start hunting WAY early and expect vendors to start breaking down before

noon.  Oh, well...we got a little jump on the day.  We originally found just one of these lamps with a

vendor on day one.  She said that she had another and would be bringing IT on Saturday, if I wanted a



I wanted a pair...but at a good price.  I decided to take a chance a wait for the second to show up and

hope the first didn't sell Friday.  My gamble paid off, but I don't feel like I had much to worry about.

There wasn't a lot of vintage modern to be had and there didn't seem to be much interest from the

buyers.  It's hard to say if I got a really good bargain on any of the items I brought home since I have

no buying experience in the Nashville area market, but just based on what I found around the 'net I

feel like everybody walked away feeling pretty good.

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