Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We Stopped By The Treasure Aisle Antique Mall Last Saturday Just To Kill Some Time And Because We Hadn't Been In Quite A While, Not Expecting To Find A Bargain...Then This Happened. The Coolest Rya I've Seen In Ages! Status: Undecided.


If this was a larger size (it's about 3' X 5') I'd throw it under our dining table or in the living room but as it stands, I'm just not sure I've got a good place for it.  That said, it's hard to let go of such a great Rya rug.  These aren't exactly a dime a dozen!


This was untagged in a booth at Treasure Aisle so we took it up to the checkout to have the staff call

the vendor.  I really didn't expect to get a price that I'd be happy with but was pleasantly surprised by

the reasonable asking.  Not only that but the booth was having a sale!  It was kind of a mess and

needed to be beat and vacuumed.  Even so, I could see through the detritus that it was a beaut.


I always thought that "Rya" was a brand name of Scandinavian rug but it turns out that it's just Rya

just means rug.  I feel like I've seen TONS of rugs with patterns like this while researching other Rya

rugs in the past, but now I can't find another with this particular combination of vibrant colors and

tightly packed subject.  Maybe it's just the small size.  I do find larger rugs with similar vibes but with

much more open space in their design.


This particular rug was obviously hung on a wall.  It has a wooden flat rod and hooks installed for

such, but then why was it such a mess?  Surely it wasn't hung after having been on the floor and not

been cleaned!  Dunno.  I gave it a good beating and then vacuumed it too, but it's still wanting for a

bit more attention.  When I purchased it, I didn't really give it a good once over like I probably should

have, but luckily it's in perfect condition.  Sometimes, even at St. Louis' most well known antique

mall, you get lucky!

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