Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ugh...Still Trying To Get My Watermark Set Up In Photoshop. Having Issues. Meh...I'll Get It Figured Out. Hey, Looky! A Lampshade! Status: Needs More Than Wants.


I've been kinda slacking lately.  I know..."A lampshade?"  But they do seem to be becoming more and more difficult to find these days.  And what use is a cool looking lamp sans lampshade?  None!


Yeah, it's just a plain ol' lampshade but it's kinda tough to sell a lamp without one!  I found this one at the

Goodwill in St. Charles but they aren't as plentiful as they used to be.  Actually, lamps too.  I haven't found

a good lamp in a while!


I used to buy up all the three way glass bodied lamps I could find.  You know the type, with the mood

lighting in the base and a three way switch that allowed for just the base, just the main light up top or both. 

I used to trip over them at the thrifts but now I hardly ever see them!  I'm not complaining, I find different

things at the thrifts these days, but I wouldn't be sad to see more usable lampshades.

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