Saturday, June 8, 2013

Haven't Had Time To Stop By The Green Shag Lately? Maybe It's A Bit Of A Haul For You. Wanna See What You're Missing?! Status: Come And Get It!


I'll admit, I don't get down to The Shag as often as I'd like.  Such is life, so I understand if you haven't been there in a lil' bit yourself.  Here's some pics to wet your appetite!  Yes...that IS a Jens Risom desk.


Yeah, I was surprised at all the new goodies to be had at The Shag this weekend.  I stopped by and

dropped off a small batch of smalls Friday, but didn't have time to I dropped off ANOTHER

small batch today and finally had some time to look around.  I'm glad I had the ol' Nikon with me!


There are some fresh "faces" in the mall with new styles and items.  Plus, vendors keep moving from one

booth space to another all the gets me all mixed up.  I'm just glad I don't have to keep track of

who's where!  Oh, and if you didn't already know...there's another big Parking Lot Sale on June 22!  I won't

be able to attend but I'm hoping some of the other StL local bloggers will take lots of pics for those of you

who also cannot make it.


How about that long narrow Danish style dining table?!  That thing is frickin' beautiful.  I bet it gets

snatched up quick.  It's an odd shape but I think it'll easily seat six in comfort.  If I didn't already have

my dream table (Florence Knoll dining table) I'd be scheming to get that right now!


There's tons of great vintage lighting down at The Shag right now, so if you're in need of a lamp...your

are so in luck!  I myself just dropped off a Danish style swag lamp and a couple of table lamps including

the Ron Rezek desk lamp I featured a while back.  C'mon down Sunday and take a look at all the vintage

goodness to be had.

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