Thursday, June 13, 2013

Say You're Readin' A Book...And It's Dark, What You Gonna Do? You Know What You're Gonna Do...Why Not Do It With Style? Drop This Sexy Beast Behind Your Favorite Chair And Chill. Status: Headed To The Booth.


What do you it a Sonneman? I can't find another Sonneman with this sort of base.  Either way, it's a darn cool lamp and you probably need it in your home.  The plan is to drop it off at The Green Shag Market Thursday morning.


Ain't this one a beaut?  I picked it up over the weekend when we were trying to make up for the lame flea

market haul.  Thank God we found some other cool stuff.  The flea market is fun whether we find good stuff

to bring home or not, but bringing home good stuff is kind of the point.  When it doesn't pan out we just

have to take matters into our own hands...again. 


It's not a mint lamp, but for real...these little blemishes are hard to see when it's "in situ".  There seems

to be a nut missing outside the globe but it all works just fine.  The switch is nice and crisp and the cord

is in fine condition.  I briefly considered keeping this for myself since we have a nice yellow floor lamp

very similar in the living room, but I think one very colorful floor lamp is plenty 'round here.


  1. Gah! I hate it when you post stuff I totally LOVE. Makes me wanna drive to STL and get it. Unfortunately, that would be a heckuva long drive. Nice find!

  2. i've got a brass arc lamp with the same base. also no idea who made it, but i don't think they're sonneman. still awesome!

  3. Geez, I like it too!! One can NEVER have enough colorful, or otherwise, mid century lamps!!!!!!!

  4. Both the red lamp and @Adam's brass arc lamp are 70s Ikea, if you can believe it!