Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One Of The Little Treasures I Snatched Up Over The Weekend Is This Lovely '50s Era Desk Lamp. The Bulb Included Even Works! It's Headed To The Shag. Status: Award For Years Of Service.


After the flea market on Sunday and the less than overwhelming take from that, we had to hit some thrifts to get our fix.  On our way to the Savers out in the county we found a new Goodwill.  Lucky we did, cuz I found this little guy waiting inside!


The funny thing is, just after buying this lamp we found another just like it at Treasure Aisle!  Freaky

coincidence.  This one will be at The Green Shag shortly, so if you're desk is in need of some sturdy

vintage lighting get yer butt down there and see if it's still available!  


I'm kinda surprised there isn't a maker label on this.  It's a well built lamp and you'd think the manufacturer

would have been proud of it.  Can't you just imagine this lamp on Gomer Pyle's Sargent's desk?  It's got

that same greenish silver color as those tanker desks so prevalent during that era.


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