Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Picked Up A Set Of Two Ray Wilkes / Herman Miller Chiclet Chairs And Small Sofa A While Back But They've Been Sitting In The House Disassembled Since Purchase. I Finally Got Them Out Today And Cobbled 'Em Back Together To Get Some Craigslist / Blog Pics. Status: Available!

DSCN3373 copy

You might remember the Ray Wilkes Chiclet chair that I featured a couple months ago.  This is the same chair and it's matching Chiclet sofa.  I actually have yet ANOTHER Chiclet chair that I just didn't have time to gather up and re-assemble as well.   Just, I don't know...imagine another chair in there!

DSCN3391 copyDSCN3388 copy
DSCN3389 copyDSCN3390 copy

I shared this particular chair with you back in April just after I picked up the set from my good buddy Jeff. 

I've been waiting until I could get the sofa re-assembled to shoot them both together so that I could

properly feature them AND put them on craigslist.  I might even try to make some space for them at The

Green Shag.  It's hard to decide what gets to take up the valuable real estate at the shop and booth. 

Swapping in and out big heavy items like this takes a toll on a fella so changing things around for the sake

of change is tough too.

DSCN3383 copyDSCN3380 copy
DSCN3376 copyDSCN3386 copy

This too might make you scratch your noggin wondering if you already seen it.  I assure you that you've not

seen here.  You might remember our brown one that we've got in our living room though!  These are super

comfy and very firm.  There are two great features that I feel should be pointed out to lovers of great

design...who just happen to have children.  These chairs and sofa are seriously durable.  They are

contract furnishings and are built to last in a business environment.  This means the fabric can take a good

cleaning and will last for many many years and the foam won't wear down and crush like some cheap home

furniture.  Then there's the safety.  I weren't thinking about that, but me a sharp

edge.  Every surface, edge and corner is covered in dense foam and upholstery!  This MUST be the most

kid friendly Mod furniture ever designed!

DSCN3384 copyDSCN3374 copy
DSCN3375 copyDSCN3377 copy

If you look close you can see that I haven't even cleaned this sofa at all.  I'm certain that any soiled areas

will come clean.  It's just that type of upholstery.  The funky lines in the photos are just reflections of light off

the back window of the car behind the camera.  I wish I would have had more time to get better shots today,

but sometimes you just gotta take what you can get.  You can see that I've got my watermarks back on the

photos, but alas, no I don't have it working right just yet.  Worse still...I messed it up on my old PC and  

that's not working right either!  ::sigh::

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