Friday, June 7, 2013

Shag Artwork Is One Of My Chief Inspirations Concerning Collecting Vintage Modern Furnishings And Decor. My Buddy Dan Practically Begged Me To Take These Postcards Off His Hands! Status: Uhm...OK!!!


Check it out...some are even framed for hanging!  And that's a ton of postcards, too.  Dan was gonna sell these at his garage sale but I just happened to be there picking up a table he refinished for me a couple of days before and got to snatch 'em up before hand.  Score!


I haven't really got a plan on what to do with them just yet.  I might put them around the bar area in our

living room lounge.  Maybe down the side of the bookcase that is my bar ware display and storage.  I

 need to ask where he got the small frames, they are plastic with glass fronts and are the perfect size.


Wouldn't it be great if the USPS made Shag stamps both of the art proper and of these little "stamp here"

emblems?  Does anyone actually send postcards anymore?  When was the last time YOU sent or

received one?  I had the brilliant idea a few years ago to send MYSELF postcards from the road on

our summer vacation roadtrips, but never followed through.  Lazy.  These though...far too cool to actually

send out!  Although, wouldn't they make the greatest party invitations?


  1. I meant to send out postcards on my last vacation, but never did.

    I like the idea of framing up postcards as art. They're fun, and most importantly, cheap! I'm intrigued now....... Hum.......

  2. My Mom does not get to travel often, but she sends post cards when she does. Last year I was sorting through some things my Aunt was getting rid of and found a Branson, Missouri postcard my Mom had sent while she and Dad were on their honeymoon. This past April I slipped it into their 50th Anniversary card. They were touched, and it sparked an interesting conversation about how much Branson had developed during the past fifty years. I think Mom fancied herself a trendsetter, when she talked about being at Silver Dollar City when it was just Marvel Cave and a couple of buildings. This has made me vow to send postcards when I travel, rather than buying them and then stashing them away. They are inexpensive and many are rather striking.

  3. Those are so great!!! I think you might be able to find those little frames at Ikea...I seem to remember seeing them there a while back.

  4. They are mini pieces of art. Love them!

  5. Diana in ChicagoJune 11, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    OMG! You're not sure what to do with them? Um, you could give them all to me and I'll hang them in my home! ;-) Just kidding! Great score. I wish I had a friend like Dan!

  6. I have this postcard set! AND I send them from time to time...usually a short note to someone I haven't contacted in a while, or a thanks for the birthday/christmas gift type thing. It is fun to get a postcard in the mail!

  7. They are amazing, do you know anything about them, like the artist or company? I am so jealous.