Monday, June 10, 2013

Like I Alluded To Yesterday, The Wentzville Flea Was Not Really Up To Par. It Was Such A Pretty Morning (When Most Of The "Action" Happens) That It Didn't Really Seem To Make Sense! Status: Ho Hum.


I'm pretty sure that this big ol' bear skin rug was the coolest thing at the flea this weekend.  It definitely got the most attention.  It weren't cheap though, I think it had a tag asking $550.  No thanks.  Ever rolled around on a bear skin rug?  A small percentage of me thinks "yuk" but I've done it and I can tell's the very definition of luxury.


I debated whether or not to show that T-shirt, but we're all adults (yeah right!) here.  The Girlfriend pointed

it out and I just couldn't resist.  It's the funniest T I think I've ever seen.  Unfortunately that was one of the

very few high points of the Wentzville visit.  One of the things I dread about taking pics at the flea is how

desperate the sellers are.  You can't point a camera at anything without the seller approaching you to talk

about how much you obviously LOVE the item.  Nope...just thought it was interesting to look at...

don't want to take it home, thanks!


There were lots of vintage toy vendors at the flea this time.  I've gotten lucky with the Tonkas in the

past, but I didn't bring any of these home.  All I brought home was the tall cats that you saw yesterday.

The Girlfriend brought home lots of vintage jewelry, so she made out like a bandit and after the flea we hit

some thrifts where things looked up and eventually I managed to get some goodies in the back of Frank

(the Focus wagon) but alas, no over the top bear skin rugs!

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