Friday, July 24, 2015

You Find All Sorts Of Containers At The Thrift Stores. Here We've Got A Couple Of Coffee Cups, A Small Planter And A Very Interesting Christmas Tree Stand. Status: Collected.


You like me?  Always finding plastic bags with stuff wrapped in newspaper in 'em?  It's the curse of the avid thriftbreaker.  "Thriftbreak"? you ask?  Yeah, it's apparently a hashtag used on twitter by those of us who scour the thrifts, fleas, estate sales and antique malls to show off or call for help in IDing items.



This tree stand was an easy ID.  Done even before I made it to the cash register.  I guess it helps that there was the name embossed on the bottom, right?  But what a great find!  Except that well, it's freakin' July.  Who needs a Christmas tree stand in July?!  It's good though, I need to be getting more Christmas stuff together for the upcoming season.  Everything last year was kind of last minute and I didn't really have that much to offer.  Maybe I'll do better this year.



Can you see that these are pale blue?  I love these.  If I had found a whole set I might be keeping them.  I just found a Kuerig single cup coffee maker and am drinking more (half-caf or de-caf) than before.  When we were on vacation our room had a Kuerig and we kinda got addicted to the ease of making a cup of joe in the morning and while a new one would be about $120...I found one for $10!  Score.



I've got three of these now.  It's hard to tell but this is made of black glass.  Looks like Batman's change cup doesn't it?  I guess these were intended to be planters, but they are so small.  I guess you could put a little cactus or a few small succulents in here.  With three of them you could create quite the Palm Springs desert oasis on your window sill!


  1. That tree stand is terrific. I'll watch the two malls as Christmas season approaches.

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      I appreciate the support! If you'd like to nab the stand now just let me know.

  2. Kuerig machines are terrible for the environment. so much waste! even the guy that invented the technology regrets creating it because it's so wasteful

    1. Hi Chris.

      Is that because of the little disposable plastic capsules of coffee? Ours came with a re-usable / refillable capsule that we put our own coffee in.

  3. How great to see the German marked tree stand. I just recently found the exact same one at an antique store in Indiana. It's proof again that great minds do indeed think alike.