Saturday, July 18, 2015

It's Been A Little While Since We've Taken A Look At The Booth Down At The Green Shag Market. A Lot Of Stuff Moved While We Were On Vacation So I Had To Restock. Status: All Waiting For You!


Is that a Maison Jansen rocking chair?  Why yes it is!  And it's been freshly re-upholstered in black suede.  Black and chrome...classic!  Stop by and take it for a spin...or...rock, or whatever.



Dang, see those dishes sitting on that Pagholz chair?  I forgot to put those on a shelf or the table.  There's always something.  A couple of times I've left my tagging kit (a grey former overnight case full of tags, pens, tape, light bulbs, tools, scissors, etc.) right there on the table after dropping of a couple of items.  Of course, on those days I've been incredibly rushed and on my way to REAL work.  Not so much today, it being Saturday.  I've really got no good excuse.


Today I dropped of the above mentioned sexy black and chrome rocking chair (sexy rocking chair?), a Hans Brattrud "Scandia" style swivel lounge chair, the very cool danish modern valet chair that I picked up last month while at the Wentzville Flea, a HUGE Quartite table lamp and the smaller chrome and white table lamp that I featured yesterday...along with a few random smalls I had awaiting their turn here.


I could stack those Pagholz bentwood dining chairs and make a little more room for more, but the items I want to drop off are all in need of a little love one way or another.  I could just dig into the garage or third bedroom and take something that needs nothing more than a simple dusting...but it's like 6 of one...half dozen of the other.  No really, you've not seen...well, either room.  It's all good though, during those long Craigslist / Flea Market / Thrift Store droughts, it's good to have a stockpile to fall back on!

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