Sunday, July 19, 2015

Like Many Others Out There, The Walt Disney World Polynesian Village Mug Is What Got My Motor Started In The Tiki Collecting World. My Mom Gave Me One Years Ago And I Was Off To The (Tiki Bar) Races. Status: Available.


Disney, the Fifties, all comes together in these fabulous frosted glass mugs.  Oddly enough, they also sport the theater comedy and tragedy faces in Tiki guise.  Having never been to the Polynesian Village I cannot say that the faces don't have anything to do with Tiki, but I still find it questionable.


I guess the cool thing about having a smiley face on one side and a frowner on the other is you can use the same mug whether you are drinking to celebrate or to drown your sorrows!  Just "face" the mug toward you with the appropriate face!  You're trusty Tiki mug will always be there for you, whatever your mood.  What's more, I've got TWO sizes available...depending on how thirsty you are or how much fire you gotta put out.


If you've already got a Tiki bar happening in your joint, these frosted glasses can also be used as candle holders!  Just toss a tea light candle in these for some sweet mood lighting.  Yes, your friends WILL be impressed.  Or not, they (like many of our party guests) might not even realize how freakin' cool you are for having such legit details like this at your Tiki party.  WE'LL know, and that's what's important!


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