Monday, July 20, 2015

I've Been Wanting To Find One Of These Chaise Lounges For Some Time Now. They Are Incredibly Comfortable And Although Some May Balk At Black And Chrome, Quite A Stylish Statement Piece. Status: Available.


It's not a real LeCorbusier LC4, of course.  I'm not that lucky...and if it was the real deal I wouldn't be parting with it!  Still, it's got style for miles and is so so comfy.  Don't believe?  Drop by the Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur and try it out!


The leather isn't the highest end but the base and frame are sturdy and in excellent condition.  All the bungees are there and provide great support and comfort as well.  Personally, if I was to keep this as my own...I'd have the cushion redone in either finer leather, suede or maybe even pony hide.  As simple a design as it is, I'm certain that it wouldn't cost too much to have done, and done well.  Hmmmm...maybe, if it doesn't move quickly, I might just have Jeff Swift do just that!


And since it's not "the real thing" you could go a little wild with the covering.  How about Patent Leather?  Or some wild patterned fabric.  Maybe even some classic like a black and white Damask?  One could even easily "slip cover" the pad themselves if they were so inclined.  Of course, it's fine just as it sits and doesn't really need anything done to it to be enjoyed.


Anyway, this lovely lounger is simply waiting for someone to drop by the booth and claim it for their own.  Things seem to be moving fairly quickly lately though, so...might wanna get there quick if you like what ya see!

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