Friday, July 17, 2015

Yes Yes, I Realize It's Been About A Month...But Half Of That Was My Being Trapped On A Deserted Island (St. Thomas USVI - Our 2015 Vacation). Here's A Cool Lamp And A Neat Glass Head From Recent Thriftbreak Excursions! Status: Soon To Be Available.


Yeah, after a couple of weeks off (believe me...there is NOTHING vintage modern to talk about on St. Thomas Island) it has been tough getting back on the horse. That and Flickr has messed with it's interface again, making it tougher to post from a phone.


But I'm back! Hope y'all didn't miss me too much. Today we're looking at a couple of finds brought home from both the Goodwill and the Wentzville Flea. This clear glass head was a Wentzville find and as of recently, the Wentzville Flea has been the most forth coming with the good booty lately. Problem with that is the 40 min. drive there and the hour by which one must rise to acquire such treasures. Alas, such is the price one must fork over, and it's pretty much the same everywhere. I've already got several of these glass heads, but all of the others are black...I think. Christ, I may need to do an inventory. But I don't see a lot of the clear ones out I might keep this one and liquidate snother.


Anybody have an ID on this cool chrome base and white metal shade table lamp? This guy followed me home from the Harvester Goodwill last weekend. I haven't been finding much at the thrift stores lately, but they are so much easier to scour than the fleas that I just keep going regardless. Just like any of the sources we just never know when something special is going to show up. This lamp is vintage but something about it says IKEA. I looked around a lil bit on the web but couldn't find a match. I feel like I've seen the shade design before. What do ya think?


  1. Welcome back! Doesn't look like IKEA as I have all their catalogs since they have been here.

    1. Hi John

      Thanks for the info and glad to be back! Ever think about digitizing those older catalogs?

  2. "Trapped"? "TRAPPED"? Sheesh; I guess you're lucky you got out of that snare. Welcome back, MMT.

  3. Hi Midmichigan.

    It was a rough coupla weeks! Nuthin but Rum to drink and seafood to eat. Nuthin to do but swim, snorkel, sail, zipline, eat, drink, suntan, kayak, paddle board....