Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Don't This Look Like A Mighty Relaxing (And Shadey Yo!) Place To Relax On Your Lake George Vacation? Status: Flower-escent


We checked out a LOT of Hotels and Motels around the Lake George NY area while we were there.  All were pretty nice.  Some were just more charming than others, like this little joint: the Flower Cottages.

Again, we didn't actually stay here. We have no first hand experience of staying in one of these

cute little bungalows, but we totally would have and might next time! The Flower Cottages had

plenty of units and a variety of sizes.  I love that some are tucked way back into the shade of tall

mature pine and aspen trees.  It's like a "sleeping in a small house" kinda way!


Oh, and if the lake is too cold for swimming there's always a nice pool to take a dip or just

lounge lazily around.  Being named the Flower Cottages, you can bet the grounds and gardens

are gonna be gorgeous in late spring / early summer.  There's plenty of outdoor area to just hang

out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  It was "hot" out for two days while we were there in late

June.  "Hot" being 90 degrees!  The rest or our time there it was between 75 and 85.  Perfect!


See, charming!  Oh, and if you look closely in the upper photo you'll see another one of those

ubiquitous Solair hoop chairs.  I'm telling ya, they were EVERYWHERE!!!  Like these little

cabins need any help looking good.  We did go inside and check one out real quick but we got

there too early and housekeeping hadn't gotten to it yet, so out of respect for the owners I

didn't shoot any interior pics.  There wasn't anything special inside the unit we perused but they

were perfectly adequate for our needs.  It was just kind of a toss up as to which of these places

we were going to end up staying.  They all seemed pretty nice!  If ya get up to the Lake George

area some day give this little place a chance.  It might just be the place you were looking for!

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