Friday, July 20, 2012

Maybe The Coolest Thing I've Ever Seen At An Antique Mall. Wookie Head Mount Spotted In Indianapolis Indiana. Status: Weird-baka


On the one hand, I kinda hope it's a mask....cuz a Wookie head trophy is just....not right.  Then again...putting a Wookie mask on is kind of...Hannibal Vader.  ::shudder::  But let us digress and take a walk around the Southport Antique Mall, Indianapolis Indiana.  There's lots of less questionable items to feast your eyes upon, promise!


The Southport Antique Mall looks deceptively small.  I assure you, it is not.  We were in there a

Long, LONG time!  I spotted an ad on craigslist posted by one of the vendors showing just the

kind of stuff I like so we made a little pit stop to see what else we might find.


Recognize these little guys?  Yup, this is where I got the little Jax twins.  They were a bargain too,

well compared to what you might pay for a full size pair on eBay anyway.


Yeah, there were a couple of dealers with big booths and good taste.  I really liked that smoke

glass and chrome table.  Sharp.  They had a nice complete Broyhill Sculptra dining set and what

I believe are Dillingham end tables.  What I really wanted to take home was the Freeform

dinnerware.  Nice stuff.


This vendor had a sweet Broyhill Brasilia dining set available. The chairs, while not the typical

three "rung" back chairs, have the rare deep orange original birds fabric. The color AND the

birds ain't for me, but if I was going to go with original fabric, I'd want the rarer orange! I'd also

have to swap the seat pads over to typical chairs like mine. I know that these chairs appear in

the Brasilia catalog but I associated them with other lines like Broyhill Emphasis. Also, note all

that beautiful Blue Heaven dinerware! Nice big set, that. Can you spot the Ben Seibel bowls

that I brought home?


There were tons of vendors with just a piece or two of retro / vintage modern. Tables and

furniture in general - I'm figuring out - are a gamble. It just takes up so much real estate, but

selling a big piece can really help monthly sales. I used to snatch up all the chromecraft I

could to sell down in New Orleans. I've kinda fell off that wagon. New Orleans is a great

place to sell while on vacation by the way. They don't have nearly the good thrifts or craigslist

we do here in St. Louis!


Lots of vendors with lots of smalls. You could really load up here. I had to be good cuz we were

still fresh on the road. I didn't want to spend up ALL my dough before we even Got to the

Adirondacks! Hey Bopfish, recognize that automatic can opener?


Holy crap! Did I ever tell how much I love Redwing Bobwhite?  Can't tell ya why but I do.  I'll

find my set someday.  This wasn't destined to come home with me though.  They had a huge set

available with lots of serving goodies.  Loving those lugged coup bowls.  Even a statue with

tooth picks!


More tables. Good stuff too. I really like that Formica and chrome table with what reminds me

of a Frank Lloyd Wright design on top. We have a similar one with bright red "cracked ice"

Formica that I can't ever see us parting with.


The joint has just about anything you could need to live in 1960 time capsule. Lots and lots of

dishes. It's amazing that something so easily broken as dinnerware survives this long. I don't know

if you are allowed to call your shop an "antique mall" if you don't have at least one booth full of

Fiesta dinnerware!


One of my favorite pieces here was this globe. Check it out...French West Africa. THAT is old!


  1. Wow, thanks Mr. Modtomic!

    You're like a guru to us. We're the booth with the Brasilia set. We've been reading your blog for a long time. Much longer than we ever thought of having a booth!

    With your stamp of approval, we know we're on the right path!

  2. That can opener is a little different than mine (and I mean not just that it's blue). That is a very cool joint!

  3. If we ever get up Indy way we will definetely have to check this place out! Looks like lots and lots of pretty much everyting. I have gobs of Bob White at the store that I haven't been able to move. Consignor does not want back and ordered me to mark down. How much are you looking for? We probably have enough for 8 settings of everything and tons of serving pieces. I may have to put up on Ebay as we haven't been able to move here in house...

  4. Is that a blue painted metal and chrome side/end table, or is that some kind of crazy kitchen cart?! I'm in love, and have never seen anything like it, wowza!

  5. Beautiful stuff. And I have to admit that I'd flip out if I saw a Wookie head out in the wild like that.