Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Can $12.50 Buy At A Random Second Day Estate Sale? Some Mighty Fine Display Shelving! Status: Headed For The Green Shag Market.


The Girlfriend and I were driving home from breakfast and a somewhat fruitless visit to a few of the local thrifts Sunday when she spotted an estate sale sign.  I was ready to keep driving, but the sale was like right there on the corner.  I could use a better garden hose, so....


Well, I didn't find a hose but this cheap little display cabinet was marked at $25.  It was late

Sunday so everything was half off!  Score.  Truth is, this poor little piece isn't worth much more

THAN $12.50.  It's a utility piece...that just happens to have some retro pedigree.  I got it to

display more smalls in the booth at the Green Shag Market.


I've got some longer legs that I might put on this to get it up off the ground a little higher. The nice

thing about this is that I have no attachment to it at all. It's just too banged up and it's not the

highest quality piece ever made.  It'll get the job done though.


I'll be leaving the sliding glass panels at home.  No need for more breakable stuff at Booth 44. 

The stuff in these pictures isn't all going to the booth space either. I just wanted to get some

items on there to show it off.  I'll be taking the orange casserole warming dish though for sure. 

Probably that sailboat too.  I'll find a few other choice items to put in here.  This means, of

course, that I'll have to bring home something so I can fit this in!  I hate to do it, but there's

only so much room.  Smalls seem to sell better, so gotta make room for the smalls!


  1. Good find for shelving in the booth! Will there be a big N.F.S. tag on the new "display shelving"? LOL! ;)

  2. It's a cute little display cabinet! Could be fixed up or down, depending on who decides they need it badly! What about that kitty on the left side of the top shelf! Me Likey!!!!!! Please let me know if it will be for sale. Thank you kindly!!!!

  3. My wife always scams on this type of piece for display, especially when the price is right. Yeah, the price on this was right! Sometimes it hard to keep customers off these pieces and she usually prices high enough so they hang around. But hey, for the right price they can be had!