Friday, July 13, 2012

Some Cool Stuff Popped Up On Craigslist This Afternoon. Check It Out. Maybe You Find The Whatnot You Need. Status: Lame Weekend Post.


This Broyhill Emphasis nine drawer dresser was listed today as simply "Large 9 Drawer Dresser with Two Mirrors". The $70 asking price reflect the disregard for name brand or excellent style. Some people just need to be rid of stuff!


It looks like it might want for a little love and Howards Feed and Wax but it's a good jumping off

point! The price it totally right if it's still available when you read this. If I wasn't so crazy full of

stuff right now I wouldn't be blog it to youz guyz, I'd be snatching it up myself!


Man, I was soooo close to popping on this. How cool would the bases look all polished up and

new white leather on the seats? Too bad it looks like only three chairs. If it's still up, $100 takes

it home
. Man that is a neat looking set. Lemme know if you grab it!


Looking for that great Vintage Modern patio set? This one would be on my patio if we didn't

already have all Bertoia and Salterini out there! This Surfline set might could use a good going

over but I bet it would smoking once done.


Think about painting (powdercoating, if you really wanted to do it right) it in Seafoam Green with

new white cording. Sounds pretty good, don't it! One low low payment of $75 gets you started.


  1. The set with the nice bases you were imagining came from the Lindbergh Value Village. The chairs were under $5 apiece and the backs were very discolored at the time. I couldn't see the price on the table. I wanted it so bad, but I didn't have the guts. Good job to the seller - definitely worth it!

  2. Sounds like you had about as uneventful weekend as me. I guess we can't expect to find something tremendous every weekend. We actually had a heck of a find last weekend and were able to pick up a set of six Adrian Pearsall dining chairs! I guess all of our luck was spent on that one find because things were pretty bare for me today.

  3. Chris and I were so excited about the patio set. It was still available Sat. afternoon, so after calling the seller we jumped in the car to go scope it out. We were sooooo exicited as we've been looking for a cool set for a while now. However..... after checking it out carefully, we discovered that it had been left outside for too many years, and the feet were rusted off. Corrosion had rendered restoration impossible. I guess if you were good at welding it could be repaired. .. maybe. But they were having a yard sale and had some neat 60s/70s lamps there. So we went home empty handed. But if we hadn't looked we would have always dreamed about the set that got away. Chris and Sharon (cluelesscampers)