Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Before And After Project Time! I Picked Up This Rather Beat Down Hairpin Leg Coffee Table / Bench At A Recent Estate Sale And Just Knew It Could Be Saved. Status: Done AND Available.


Yeah, this sucker was rough!  I found it in the garage / shop at an estate sale a few weeks back buried under paint cans and whatnot.  For the price I figured, if nothing else I could save the hairpin legs...but I decided to try to recycle the whole shebang as is.


First I foolishly tried to clean the white vinyl cover with little effect.  The vinyl was a total loss.  Into

the "round file" it went.  What a shame, someone put some real effort into building this at some point

and it just ended up a junk shelf and getting ruined in the garage.  I just couldn't let that stand!


I pulled the legs and frame off to get to that ganked vinyl.  They both needed to be sanded down

anyway.  The table surface was actually the top of a chest of drawers as some time.  Like I said,

someone did a lot of work to make this.  There was no padding under the vinyl but since the top had

been "upholstered" already I thought I'd further the idea!


I like to use these yoga mats for chair padding since they have just the right amount of give.  I glued

it down with spray adhesive after sanding down the surface of the table top.  I sanded and resprayed

the frame with satin black rattle can.  The legs were sanded down and given a couple of coats of

bright shiny white.


I've had this bolt of blue fabric for ages.  Finally, a project I can use it on!  Don't it look purdy?!  With

the padding underneath the fabric the "table" can also be used as a short bench, a great place to sit

while removing your galoshes in your foyer...yet the padding isn't so mushy and soft that you'd be

affraid to set a glass of wine on it.  Sweet, right?  I've dropped this off down at The Green Shag

Market if you'd like to give it a test drive.



  1. Nice save! Someone will be thrilled to have that!

    1. Hi Dana.

      Boy I hope so! I'd hate for it to just end up in a garage again.

  2. I really like the white on the legs!

    1. Hi Hannah.

      Yeah, we don't really see a whole lot of white hairpin legs and I thought the contrast would look nice. Sometimes I get it right!

  3. what is that fabric? do you know a brand?

    1. Hi Chris.

      No idea. I can't for sure even remember where I got it. It was either at Garden Ridge or Old Time Pottery.