Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Girlfriend And I Picked Up This Great Jens Risom Compact Desk With Return Two Weeks Ago. It's Been Waiting In The Back Of Frank (The Focus Wagon) Until Now To Make It's Debut! Status: Gone.


It's not in perfect condition, but it's the real deal.  And most of the Jens Risom desks that I've come across have been HUGE.  This one's just about the perfect size for someone to use at home.


We've all got our business we have to attend to at home, right?  Pay the bills, send out the Christmas

cards, play Angry Birds...people still play that, right?  Well, please don't tell me you do all that sitting

at some run of the mill desk you picked up at Ikea!  I myself sit at glorious 1950s bright red "cracked

ice" chrome and formica kitchen table.  The Girlfriend utilizes a pretty little Heywood Wakefield

"Airflow" desk.  If I had the room for it I'd keep this walnut gem for myself.


It's got some wear and tear from the years of use.  The inside edges, where a chair might come into

contact, have taken most of the abuse.  It's the kinda thing to be expected.  Still, since it's not in

pristine condition, it'll be had for song...at least compared to what you'd find one of these for on



I don't have the key to the drawers, but I'm sure that one could be made at True Value if you were to

take the drawer in and let the guys in the back have a crack at it.  Does anybody know what the white

slide out trays are all about?  That whole storage area thing baffles Mr. M., but it certainly looks

cool.  Sad story: I spotted another larger Risom desk for FREE on Craigslist in another nearby city

and passed on it because it was missing it's back legs.  The sellers had been using it attached to a 2X4

that was screwed to a wall.  If I had gotten that one I might have been able to use the big drawer to

replace the damaged one on this piece!  ::Sigh::

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