Monday, May 4, 2015

If You Check My Twitter Feed You May Have Already Seen This Fine Pair Of Retro Armchairs. If Not, Check Out The Video Inside! Status: Gone.


I picked up a nice pair of vintage '50s vinyl and chrome armchairs last weekend and although it took me over a week to post them, I've already got them down at the booth in The Green Shag Market.


It's hard to believe that these chairs, as old as they are, are in as nice of condition as they are.  There

aren't any rips or tears in the vinyl and the chrome is great.  Truth is, I didn't have to do anything but

get the cameras out and shoot them!  I pulled them out of the back of Frank (the Focus Wagon) and

took the pics and video, put them back in and take 'em to the antique mall.

A long time ago I purchased another chair made by this same company.  It was a very cool looking 

black atomic vinyl number with wrought iron hairpin legs.  It's seams had come apart and took some

work to put back together but it looked great when done.  It found a new home in New Orleans.  I

kinda wish I hadn't let it go!  I loved the look and put a lot of work into it.  Oh well.  But here I go

again...any takers on this pair?  They're down at The Green Shag as we speak...or read, or whatever.


Isn't that two tone vinyl pretty cool?  It's subtle but the sides are light green and the rest is light pink.

I guess these haven't had much use since you'd expect that the textured surfaces would be more

worn.  When we lived on the south side, in a 1904 house in Tower Grove East, we always had a

couple of chairs or a small sofa like these in the foyer.  They looked right at home in that joint for

some reason, and they make a great place to sit and change your soggy shoes in the winter.



  1. Those chairs take me back to trips to the "beauty shop" with my grandmother in the 1950s. :)

  2. Ha They remind me of going to the barber shop as a kid.

  3. I agree with Dana. They look like chairs from a beauty shop.

  4. Great "waiting room" chairs, MMT! I like the design feature so the backs don't hit the wall making marks and wearing the upholstery. The legs will hit the base molding first.-midmichigan

    1. Hi midmichigan.

      Huh, I never thought of that. I just thought the legs being bent back like that was strictly for aesthetics! A design element.