Friday, February 12, 2016

Bar Keepers Friend! Miracle Cure...Or Something Like That. This Stuff Is So Good. Magical Even. Remember These Dorothy Thorpe Silver Rim Bowls I Featured A Few Days Ago? All Cleaned Up And Ready For A Party! Status: Available!

This stuff is so useful.  I love my Goofoff...but this stuff is at Least as useful.  The silver rim on this chip and dip set was kind of a mess but Bar Keepers Friend polished it right up.

I know, right?!  It was a mess!  But twenty minutes with the magical powder in the sink and it look as good as it's ever gonna look again.  I just used my index finger to rub the tarnish off but you may wanna use a rag as I ended up with darkly stained finger tip that still looks a mess today.  I like the fingertip method since I can "feel" when the BKF is working it's magic.

Ah...the befores and afters.  See the difference?  It's pretty AND pretty amazing.  If you collect vintage what-nots from the thrift stores like I do, you really need to have some of this stuff around the house.  Between BKF and Goofoff, there's not a whole lot you'll have trouble getting clean.  You remember the Franciscan Starburst dinner plates before and after that I featured a while back?  Yeah, this stuff works!  If you're interested in this beautified set, it's currently available at The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.  Stop by and check out all the mid-century modern goodies I gots there waitin' on ya!

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